Help Bill make it to the finish line!

Australia’s greatest warhorse recreated by passionate Sculptor Carl Valerius

A life-size model sculpture of the Australia’s Greatest Warhorse, Bill the Bastard, resides in Murrumburrah, NSW, the home of the 1st Australian Horse. A dedicated team is committed to having the model bronzed. Once the bronzing is complete, the statue of Bill and his five riders will be unveiled in Murrumburrah NSW to commemorate the end of WW1.

Create a life-sized model of Bill the Bastard, Australia's Greatest Warhorse, Michael Shanahan and four Tassie Troopers.
Spread the story of Bill the Bastard to commemorate the significant role played by the Australian Light Horse in WW1.
Engage all Australians to help raise funds needed to transform the model of Bill the Bastard into a bronzed sculpture.
Bronze and place the sculpture of Bill the Bastard within the Light Horse Precinct Memorial, Murrumburrah NSW.
Who is Bill the Bastard?What is the project all about?How you can be a part of history!
Mr Bill Gibbins and the Victorian Warnambool Racing Club will hold an annual Jericho Cup meet, commencing in 2018, from the 100th anniversary of the original race, in honour of Bill the Bastard, the Australian Light Horsemen and their magnificent mounts, the walers 1914 to 1918.
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