A Sculpture of Bill the Bastard, Major Michael Shanahan from Roma in Queensland and the four Tassie Troopers saved during the battle of Romani will be Bronzed to bear witness to the mateship between horse and soldier and to stand testament to the enduring symbol of fortitude, strength and perseverance of the Australian Light Horse. The model sculpture pictured, has been sprayed with paint to achieve a bronzed likeness.
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Bronze Bill the Bastard’ Join us on this extraordinary journey……

A simple error in Roland Perry’s book, Bill the Bastard, states that a ‘life sized’ statue rather than a ‘life like’ statue, is to be found in Harden-Murrumburrah, which resulted in many visitors wishing to view a sculpture that did not exist. Carl Valerius, a local craftsman who made the original small sculpture, proceeded to sculpt the life size version of Bill the Bastard 5UP. With enormous community support this magnificent model created to honour the Australian Light Horse, was unveiled on the 6th August 2016. The community, called to action by Fay Valerius and friends, formed a group, now an incorporated Company, to raise the funds required to Bronze the model sculpture of ‘Bill the Bastard.’ Crawford’s Casting in Sydney, have been engaged to complete the work.

Historical significance….

Harden Murrumburrah holds great significance in the history of the Light Horse, with Captain James Alexander Kenneth Mackay calling the 1st Australian Horse muster in Harden in 1897.  This event makes Harden the birthplace of what was to become known as the Australian Light Horse, named thus, after federation.

Murrumburrah’s current Light Horse Memorial precinct will be reviewed by a community group, led by Hilltops Council. The review is necessary in order to accommodate the new life sized bronzed sculpture and a Memorial to Major General James Mackay soon to be commissioned.  The group will ensure respect for the historical timeline and local history already in place within the memorial. The vision includes a redesign of the precinct to accommodate the needs of tourist visitation, educational programs, reunion and commemorative events.


The Centenary of the cessation of WW1 will be commemorated by the unveiling of the bronzed Bill the Bastard sculpture and his five riders, in the 1st  Australian Horse and Australian Light Horse Memorial precinct in Murrumburrah NSW, a fitting place to commemorate Australia’s Greatest Warhorse.